About Bucur Grigorescu Ilie

Welcome to our website! We invite you to know us briefly:

We are a team of professionals offering integrated services in the following areas: accounting, audit, tax advisory, legal and human resources. In our work we focus on:

  • Understanding and meeting customer expectations through great communication
  • Partnership, performance and innovation
  • Continuity, timeliness and professional training
  • Maintaining a team with complementary skills and expertise allowing us to provide our customers high quality services

Why choose our team ?

  • We strive to be a reliable partner for our customers
  • We understand the needs and the changes in the regulatory and taxation field so that we can offer the proper approach to the situations you face "
  • You can benefit from the experience of over 10 years in the business

Our Mission

  • We wish to provide customers with professional consultancy services that add value to their businesses and to propose efficient solutions. We are fully committed to the idea of ​​partnership and performance.
  • Our mission is to provide high quality services and professionalism that would ensure the best solutions for our clients' business growth and protection.
  • Companies need a comprehensive approach to the situations they face, able to lead to the generation of effective solutions. Understanding the business needs of a company from multiple perspectives allows us to offer the most appropriate answers.
  • Our business philosophy is based on the idea that, by providing companies a package of interrelated and complementary services, we also provide business solutions that meet the most diverse needs and requirements.

Basic principles that we apply to fulfill our mission :

  • We think at the client as a member of our team: to find valid solutions, technical skills and our expertise are not enough. We need the support of our customers, as well. So during our mission we will ask the customers to give us their opinion in relation with the solutions proposed so that together we choose the most suitable one.
  • High professional standards. we understand that the main factor or the supply of quality professional services is to meet the professional standards and the continuous professional development of our team members. Our working procedures require immediate implementation of any changes to professional standards and the permanent updating of the team members regarding changes in the taxation, accounting and auditing field.
  • Objectivity and independence: the interest and success of our customers comes first. Therefore we believe that the correct, objective and timely information of our clients on the issues identified during our work is one of the key factors required to successfully complete our mission.


  • Partnership - Our customers are the most important - so important that we think of them as business partners and not merely clients. Therefore, the partnership is one of our core values.
  • Performance - We believe in performance and overcoming limitations. We want to support performance by providing effective solutions, tailored to the customer requirements.
  • Innovation - We always propose new approaches, original ideas that differentiate us, but at the same time that help to differentiate the business of our clients from the competitors' business.

Do you want to be our partner?