• Our role is to increase the user confidence in accounting information, making sure that the financial statements present fairly the statement of assets and the results of our clients.
  • We approach each company audit following a full and comprehensive understanding of the underlying business, of the industry it operates and the latest regulatory standards, as well. We take into account the risks faced by each company, how the management controls those risks and the degree of transparency of the reporting system of the company to the shareholders and the other business partners.

Financial audit in Romanian and international system

  • Our audit work is conducted in accordance with the auditing standards adopted by the Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania and / or the International Standards on Auditing (IFRS, US GAAP).

Translation of Financial Statements

  • Most of our international clients find it useful to translate the financial statements from the Romanian system into a familiar format in accordance with the accounting principles applied in the country of origin. Through this service, we provide our customers additional information and clarification on the content of their financial statements.

Due diligence

  • We offer investigations services for mergers and acquisitions and other specific subjects financial investigations.
  • We provide assistance in preparing the development or reorganization business plans

Internal Audit

  • As an internal auditor we support the client management in identifying and evaluating significant risks and in maintaining an adequate control system.
  • Through the findings and the recommendations we make, we build an effective line of defense against fraud, but we are interested in the other aspects of the business: effectiveness and efficiency of the operations, financial reporting, compliance with the legal requirements.
  • We aim at providing the following services:

    • development of specific methodological rules (Internal Audit Charter, Internal Audit Manual)
    • development of the internal annual audit plan draft
    • preparing the audit files and the working papers
    • preparing the professional guidelines
    • performing the internal audit work
    • periodic report of findings, conclusions and recommendations resulting from the audit activity
    • preparing the annual report of the internal audit activity

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