• Accountancy

    The experience in working with our customers has led us to the construction of combined service packages, so that we can better meet their actual needs.

    Types of services provided:

    • Complete bookkeeping, keeping tax and wage records and preparing the balance sheet and tax returns

    • Preparing the monthly balance sheets, annual financial statements, the balance sheet and the tax returns

    • Periodic verification of accounting, mandatory accounting reports, tax records and tax returns

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  • Tax advisory

    Our services include:

    Tax optimization

    • Customized and situation-adapted tax optimization solutions

    Transfer prices

    • Review of intra-group transactions

    • Review of the existing documentation at group level

    • Comparability studies

    • Developing and implementing transfer pricing policies

    • Planning assistance

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    Tax advisory
  • Audit

    Our role is to increase the user confidence in accounting information, making sure that the financial statements present fairly the statement of assets and the results of our clients.

    Services provided

    • Financial audit in Romanian and international system

    • Translation of Financial Statements

    • Due diligence

    • Internal Audit

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  • Human resources

    Given the major changes in the labor legislation, it is very important for any company to be informed on the applicable legislation, thus avoiding frequent errors that are made in the application of the legal provisions that can lead to unpleasant consequences such as: fines, financial loss, labor disputes, long -term proceedings. Our team provides support with the following human resources services:

    • Personnel management services

    • Payroll services

    • Consulting services in human resources

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    Human resources
  • Legal

    Our mission starts with providing honest counsel, with the purpose of a fair evaluation of the situation of the client. From such a solid base, we strive to find solutions, using all resources for the client’s success.

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About Bucur Grigorescu Ilie

Welcome to our website! We invite you to know us briefly:

We are a team of professionals offering integrated services in the following areas: accounting, audit, tax advisory, legal and human resources. In our work we focus on:

  • Understanding and meeting customer expectations through great communication
  • Partnership, performance and innovation
  • Continuity, timeliness and professional training
  • Maintaining a team with complementary skills and expertise allowing us to provide our customers high quality services

Why choose our team ?

  • We strive to be a reliable partner for our customers
  • We understand the needs and the changes in the regulatory and taxation field so that we can offer the proper approach to the situations you face
  • You can benefit from the experience of over 10 years in the business
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Deuromedia Technologies - Austria

"Deuromedia has been working with Bucur & Grigorescu since 2004. Apart from making sure that all legal requirements were met and all documents prepared and submitted in time they also proactively proposed improvements to our accounting processes, which we were happy to implement. It is a professional and personal pleasure working with them and I cannot recommend them highly enough."

- Sascha D. Kasper, Managing Director & COO DEUROMEDIA TECHNOLOGIES Entwicklungs- und Vertriebs-GmbH

Atraxo - Germany

"We have been working very successfully with Bucur & Grigorescu since 2010 and appreciate the accuracy, timeliness and depth of knowledge provided to Atraxo. Without exception we can recommend the services of Bucur & Grigorescu to any company looking for professional tax accounts knowledgeable in both national and EU tax regulations."

- Klaus-Peter Warnke, Owner Atraxo SCS

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